Hayes Senior Wellness Center
Senior Advisory Committee

The mission of the Hayes Senior Wellness Center Senior Advisory Committee is to advocate to the leadership of the Hayes Senior Wellness Center and the DC Department of Aging and Community Living for the members of the community to maximize the programs and services of the center. The committee will advocate for programs and activities that support the independence, health, emotional, and social well-being of members.

Approved by the committee on Dec. 11, 2019

Current Members

  • Shirley Abraham

  • Kelvin Bowe

  • Pat Bullock

  • Shirley Clark 

  • Elnora Cobham

  • Dorcas C. Dessaso

  • Ralph Dumain

  • Lorita Geddie

  • Marci Hilt

  • Fred Hoston

  • Joyce Jones

  • Marcia Lee

  • Sandra Pugh

  • Willette Taylor

Exofficio members: Debbie Williams & Juanita Blassingame

Five Purposes of the Hayes Senior Wellness Center Senior Advisory Committee:


  1. To represent seniors

  2. To advocate for seniors

  3. To advocate for and to increase the flow of information to seniors – to collect information for the seniors, which includes priorities and what’s going on at the center. We need to make certain the info is on paper, text, on bulletin boards, perhaps via phone calls to make certain all seniors get the information; also we want to reach out to seniors who can’t come to the center

  4. To collect info about outside events such as plays, events and educational opportunities and get this information to the seniors at Hayes

  5. To communicate with other Wellness Centers in the city

If you have any issue you’d like to put before the advisory committee, please see one of the members.